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  • August 31, 2016


I am an Internet junkie.

My laptop’s keyboard is as familiar to my fingers as holding a hamburger or French fries. Even when I watch TV, my fingers click-clack and my eyes glance back and forth from screen to screen. I wonder if I look crazed? I can follow the program storyline while searching the net for valuable information. I can mentally compute all of the this’ and the thats. But when my husband tries to talk to me during my technical sessions, I cannot maintain the conversation. I can’t comprehend how Knitters can manipulate their needles without looking at them to complete each stitch. Yet, I am doing the same thing on my computer. Google that?!?

I stopped counting my favorite places when my bookmarks exceeded 100. Researching subject matter that helps me in my writing is at my fingertips. Virtual museum tours give me insight into the current exhibitions, without the price of an n admission ticket. Price comparison is made easy and allows me to find the best price and where to purchase the product.

I thought you might like to visit some websites that I find helpful and fun. Appropriately, they do relate to the arts.

On occasions friends of mine send me websites that they know I will find outstanding. I will never tire of “Drawing a Woman Inside-out”( This site just amazes me and wins my vote for best animation. It is an excellent demonstration of drawing the human form via topography.

I pretend for hours I am the splatter king Jackson Pollack when on There I can mouse-out designs and click to change colors. Voila! I create wonderful originals that I wish I could save and print. It’s far better fun than Solitaire.

For art supplies I use and There are plenty of art supply sites that you can find using search engines. is one of many sites that offer how-to instructions with color examples for art projects for every event imaginable. I urge any teacher to consult this site for education enhancement using the arts.

Getting up close and personal with the Masters is made possible through “Archive tours” ( It’s not quite as spectacular as going to the Louvre but it’s a lot cheaper. Most every Museum today is online. Museum sites offer glimpses of current exhibitions, artists’ biographies, and ideas that kick-start our creative processing. Enjoy MoMa’s (Museum of Modern Art) architecture and design collection at It’s the world’s first curatorial department devoted to architecture and design. is your connection to the latest in celebrity news, movie trailers, and reviews on new films. This site equates to watching the “E” channel, which I do not do. A far better site to review critiques on films by notable and worldwide critics is “”. Quite an appropriate title, I believe. If you saw the movie “The Queen” you may enjoy reading the English paper reviews on this site.

The New York Times’ book review is a trustworthy site for novel recommendations. I like the New York Times for daily reading. Today, most large newspaper publications are available online.

When it comes to being computer savvy, once I think I have a pretty good grasp on the basics a new concept is developed and I’m back to preschool. I’m now trying to figure out what “Blogs” are all about. So, here I go again…learning a new trick.
Blog Me.

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