1254 2nd Street in the sea side village of Baywood/Los Osos, California, 

Contact the artist by email or phone 805.234-3634. 

A Mark is simply the starting point to an end that is not Forseen

Gallery Representation: Gallery Los Olivos located at 2920 Grand Avenue, in Los Olivos, California. Opened when I’m there – Closed when I’m Not! Please made an appointment to visit the studio.

Upcoming & Past Exhibitions:

September 2024: Brushes & Pixels:  The Fusion of Traditional & Digital Artistry                                               at Gallery Los Olivos located at 2920 Grand Avenue, in Los Olivos, California, open daily 10am-5pm    Artist Reception on Sunday September 15th (1-4pm) including Magazine Transfer onto Gelli Print Demonstration at 2pm-3pm.

December 2018: Featured Artist, Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts (LACDA), Downtown Arts District, Los Angeles, CA (computer generated art works and short film)

April-May 2018: Featured Artist, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, San Luis Obispo, Ca. (computer generated art works and short film)

January 2018:  Featured Artist, Seaside Gallery, Pismo Beach, Ca. (computer generated art works)


2008 1st place recognition as Best of the Best Visual Artist in San Luis Obispo County

2008 The Clark Performance Center ( exhibition )

2008 San Francisco Hall of Justice (exhibition)

2008 One woman show at Nomads, Palm Desert, California ( sell-out )

2006 One woman show at College of the Desert – Library

2004 Athena Award by the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce

2004 Jefferson Certificate award

2003 Service to the Arts award by the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance

Other:  Freelance Column writer for the vision arts section for Lavish Magazine and for Bay News, Tolosa Press, San Luis Obispo, Ca  2010-2018.

Artist’s Statement: 

I have always believed that my work is a balance of planned Marks along with chance occurrence. Working with mixed media has allowed me the opportunity to take risks, to learn, maintain a sense of play, and ultimately create my artistic vision that becomes a sense of reality for that time in my life.

The Digital World along with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has allowed me to view another world and bring parts of that into my own creations = Re-Creation.

Education, self taught or formal training, is the window to the world of Art, and in its relationship to individuals, civilizations, and the order of nature.  Looking back through the years, the images I have produced, has become my personal history, my legacy. 

Current trends and emotions influence the order to my art work. There is no constant in my Vision. For me, the Process is what is important. Making Art is what I do on a daily basis. It is this act that grounds me and gives me a sense of purpose, personal balance, and visual identity. 

Graffiti style 3-D painting of a field of Lillys in primary colors reproduced on Acrylic
The Modern Geisha, part of a series
12X12 on Canvas. Digital Collage Painting
4 (Quartro) Cacti