Digital Art


cool-discussionwebsitei-Art is unique works of art originated using Technology.  I use an i-Pad Pro with Applications specifically for Art origination.  For my file size needs, I transfer works to my Apple computer and finalize design.  How I utilize these programs to design and manipulate my digital paintings creates my unique vision.

Once completed, the digital art work is outsourced to print “one of a kind” fine art; reproduced on Paper, Canvas, Aluminum, and or Acrylic, using a USA lab that specializes in these kinds of prints using archival inks (50+years).

Floating shapes_512Geisha with Ballredblacklarge2017_512GeishaFace2website




Every artist has his/her  story.  In 2010, my brother’s declining health warranted me to be by his side emotionally and physically. Being able to bring my studio on this journey, via i-Pad, allowed me to maintain my identity as well as tell my brother’s extordinary story “Loosing Identity”.  I was not new to using the Computer to augment my vision because I have used a technology platform for over 20 years.

Originating  Art via technology begins like all works of art, with one mark.  Art, in any form, is about mark making. I find that my work often takes itself on its own unplanned journey, through experimentation. Creating from the unconscious is pure joy.

Is there a progression? Is there refinement?  My goal is to break through boundaries and take risks.  With Technology that requires a lot of self educating.

As a painter I found that the Canvas borders blocked my ability to submerge my thoughts beyond the frame. Technology allows me to expand from the static image and produce my Vision in movement by transferring the single image into Film and by using Animation.

My images can be seen on a 70 inch flat screen TV.  How cool is that!