What is “Fine Art” and is Digital Art and A.I. assisted Art =”Fine Art”?

“Magnolia Tree” with enlarged flowers in a field of Daisies.” An A.I. Assisted Image.
“Ideas #8” This Is a Digital Collage and plays with Forms, organic vs line; using Procreate. It is printed on Acrylic.
Red-Black-Orange-White is a study in relationship of shapes and colors to create balance.
“Red-Black-Orange-White” is a study in the relationships between Shapes and Colors to create balance and movement. Digitally created piece using Procreate, Reproduced on Aluminum.
“Fried Egg with Tomatoes on the Side” is an A.I. assisted piece for it’s start and them transfered into Procreate; in Procreate I took away some of the A.I. image and added photos to create the final Collage which was reproduced on canvas.
“The River Runs Through It” A.I. assisted with Digital Enhancement. Reproduced on Felt.














Fine Art is “one-of-a kind” creation; not a reproduction of an original work of Art; ie: not a “Print” that is numbered. Some Art authorities may argue that works of Art created using technology may not qualify as Originals. But when one of these creations are begun and re-worked using a computer  program, the final piece completed in a technical app(s) is the brain child of the Artist. Yes, even an A.I. generated image is the product of the Artist’s mind because the Artist has to convert forseen Images into words to instruct the Artifical Intelligent (A.I.) brain to produce a vision that the Artist has in their “mind”.  And, just because the “Word Chain” intended a particular mind image doesn’t mean that the A.I. image produced matches what the Artist envisioned. Does the final outcome assisted by A.I. ever become the “Fine Art” piece – not for me.

I use Procreate (an Apple product) on my iPad Pro. These images can also be manipulated in various “Apps”.  like a computer/ipad/phone, using various Applications and Programs. Digital Artists work in Paint, Collage, and Animation.   Personal choices become the final image.  I originally refered to this process and final image as “i-Art”, but because of the use by Artists of AI (Artificial Intellegence), the final Image can be simply referred to as Digital Art and we, the makers, as Digital Artists.  The focus of the Digital Artist is to Make Marks and these marks create the Whole concept which can be reproduced from the Computer on a 2-D stationary platform, such as a Canvas, or as an NFT (  ), and/or on a Monitor.  ” i-Art” is what I refer to as my Art originated on a technology platform. I utilize several applications/programs to complete one piece.  My final image can be produced using archival inks onto canvas, aluminum, fabric, glass, and/or acrylic and as a Movie SheHerHers

The wisdom behind the ability to produce a hard product from a computer screen is remarkable. Like all visual art, what is unique is the final image.

For over 20 years I have used Adobe products to review art work in progress.  This would allow me to see things a little differently. I could also manipulate the piece experimenting with color, line, form, and various backgrounds.  Many times, this process would result in a change to my painting.  With the computer generated image, using various programs on the same image also allows me to manipulate and take risks.

Of course, like any mark making process, the painting – be it in the real or virtual world – takes on a life on its own. It is about the marks. In truth the final image is unplanned.

In 2011, immediate family health issues demanded my physical attention as well as emotional input. Grabbing my i-pad downloaded with 4 art interactive programs, I was able to help my family and make art away from my studio. Making Art is who I am. The iPad allowed me to keep my identity through this emotional time…making Art keeps me mentally healthy.

The most remarkable thing about computer generated Art is that the technology is in constant change. That is what I am about, changes and challenges.

Making i-Art has allowed me to run with my inner child. Color, form, fantasy, and freedom. It has also caused me to become deep in thought because its about the layers.

What’s in store in the future = movement.