About the Artist

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Accomplished mixed media painter, sculptor, and Digital Artist, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California in Los Angeles and studied Master painting classes at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. A conceptual artist,  I break from media barriers and take risks when presenting my subject matter.

My oil and acrylic paintings executed on canvas and/or wood are collected world-wide.

Technology is a large part of my artistic process. I began this journey largely in part because of its portability. The unlimited choices of Art Applications have allowed me to create anywhere, any time, with little need for physical storage…that is, until the screen images are produced onto a stationary format such as canvas, aluminum and/or baked acrylic.

My original digital images are reproduced onto canvas, aluminum, and/or acrylic, using archival inks. They are reproduced as one of a kind, or in a limited series of 3.

Art reproduction as decor items allows my one of a kind images to be experienced off “walls”.

Regardless of the format, all art compositions are comprised of line, form, and color relationships. Being an artist, I am responsible to my surroundings. All printed products are made in the USA.

Artist’s statment: ” I am what I create and what is tangible is my legacy.

Jayne Behman

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