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Upcoming show April 2024 Gallery Los Olivos – 2929 Grand Aveue, Los Olivos, Ca

Did you miss out ?  (1)Featured Artist at LACDA, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, Los Angeles Arts District  (2)Featured Artist San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, a Digital Arts Showcase

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Artist’s Statement:  I am what I create and these works are my Legacy.  My purpose is to break barriers to evoke thoughts and feelings from the viewer.  When asked; When do you know your “piece” is complete?…I answered “When I stop learning from it.”

Collected worldwide, Behman expresses herself through 2-D and 3-D art works as well as Digital.  Schooled in Fine Arts at UCLA and the Academy of Art in San Francisco, she applies her traditional skills to all formats.  Over the past 8 years Jayne has become skilled in digital painting/animation/collage and now incorporates AI.  Her unique works can be viewed on traditional canvas formats, on Aluminum, on Fabric, and on large screen monitors. Regardless of the platform or output, all of her final works adhere to the simple disciplines of Line, Form, and Color relationships.

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In American We Trust a digital painting.
In American We Trust a digital painting 2019.

Ideas - 8_edited.512-2Technology is Painting with Pixels. 


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